Botanical Arts


"L'Orangerie" 2017

GCA Flower Show




Botanical Arts entry requirements

  • All plant material used must be dried; this includes flowers, foliage, seeds, pods, nuts (in or out of shells), vegetables, twigs, vines, reeds, etc. 

  • Only plant material mechanics and their surface treatments (i.e. paints, nail polishes, varnishes, waxes, etc.) are permitted. Artificial, endangered, and locally invasive plant material may not be used.

  • If any figural forms are used they must be assembled or judiciously carved by the exhibitor. Any plant material may be cut, incised or shaped to enhance artistic effect.

  • Non-plant material (i.e. cardboard, metal, twine, string, cording, etc.) may be used only for construction and must not show. Processed products (i.e. couscous, tapioca, balsa wood, ground cinnamon, ground coffee or ground pepper, etc.) may not be used.

  • A key card must accompany each entry with an untreated sample of each plant material used in the design, correctly identified with botanical and common names.

  • Entries are judged on design, craftsmanship, originality, interpretation of theme and distinction.