"L'Orangerie" 2017

GCA Flower Show



"Hort Couture" 2015

GCA Flower Show


The Botanical Arts Creativity Award

Alexandra Oelsner & Carrie Murray


Best in Show

Mary Pressly


What is Botanical Jewelry?

Jewelry made of botanical materials, such as peas, mustard seeds, cactus branches, orange rind and other natural plant life.


What kind of Botanical Jewelry can be entered in a competitive class at a flower show?

  • Entries feature wearable-size jewelry designs created from dried plant material, including flowers, foliage, seeds and twigs.
  • Only fresh and/or dried plant material may be used. This includes flowers, foliage, seeds, pods, nuts, vegetables, twigs, vines, reeds, etc. Only plant material, mechanics and their surface treatments (i.e. paints, nail polishes, varnishes, waxes, etc.) are permitted. No glitteror artificial plant material is permitted. Jewelry features authentic-looking jewelry designs created only from dried plant material. Jewelry entries must be wearable and functional in appearance.
  • Wood or any other plant material may not be carved into figural forms; such forms must be assembled.  Any material may be cut, incised or shaped to enhance artistic effect.
  • Non-plant material (i.e. cardboard, metal, twine, string, cording, etc.) may be used only for construction and must not show.
  • Entries are judged on design, craftsmanship, originality, interpretation of theme and distinction.